At the start of the pandemic, in partnership with Whole Systems Integrated Care (WSIC), we pivoted our current work testing a new cloud-based data platform to rapidly expand the iCARE High Performance Environment platform to include large amounts of data that was previously impossible.

The iCARE Environment provided a solution that enabled fast processing of data across Northwest London, to help to understand COVID-19 and Northwest London’s clinical, operational and research needs through the following:

  • A near real-time data analytics platform to directly support the provision of patient care that links data across all healthcare providers and systems (e.g. Vaccination data, COVID-19 testing, Northwest London pathology and NHS Digital), to enable us to understand the complete, population-level, picture of COVID-19 related healthcare across the integrated care sector. These ongoing insights are provided to the Northwest London Gold Command to support healthcare providers and healthcare staff on the front line caring for patients.
  • A research platform where de-identified data access (no personal details are included) are securely and safely provided to approved researchers, in collaboration with clinical sponsorship, to analyse data related to COVID-19, helping us understand and improve, in an agile manner, the evidence-based healthcare response to the pandemic in both Northwest London and nationally (NIHR Health Informatics Collaborative)
  • On the 8th May 2021 the NWL COVID-19 Data Prioritisation Group was established providing robust, but agile weekly review of data access requests relating to COVID-19. This process has now reverted back to business as usual and the data access group now reviews COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 related data requests for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and WSIC. Find out how to explore and get access out data.

Our COVID-19 NWL Data Prioritisation Group has brought together patients, clinicians, operational teams and researchers to support the COVID-19 response – both in understanding the disease and its long-term effects and to support the vaccination roll out.

The Group has prioritised over 35 different projects, publications from these are listed here.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have continuously curated two large COVID-19 datasets – find out how to explore and get access out data