Secure Enclave

Many research studies require secure handling and storage of personal and patient data to satisfy legislative (GDPR), regulatory and data providers’ Information Governance requirements.

To support researchers to meet these requirements, the Secure Enclave has been developed to provide a data management framework and a storage and data processing environment. It provides a centrally managed environment, with a dedicated team to provide service support, oversee access and audit the enclave for Information Governance compliance.

The Secure Enclave is ISO27001 certified (the industry standard in information security management) and is compliant with NHS Data Security and Protection. By providing a controlled secure area for each study, the risk of a data breach is lowered, with reduced administrative burden on individual research groups.

For further information about the enclaves and how research groups can use them please contact Paul Downey.

Key Individuals
  • Mr Erik Mayer
    Mr Erik Mayer
    Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Paul Aylin
    Professor Paul Aylin
    Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health
  • Ben Glampson
    Ben Glampson
    Research Informatics Programme Manager
  • Dr Aldo Faisal
    Dr Aldo Faisal
    Senior Lecturer in Neurotechnology
  • Dr Anna Hansell
    Dr Anna Hansell
    Reader in Environmental Epidemiology
  • Dr Ceire Costelloe
    Dr Ceire Costelloe
    Director of Global Digital Health Unit
  • Dr Evangelos Evangelou
    Dr Evangelos Evangelou
    Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Mireille Toledano
    Dr Mireille Toledano
    Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology
  • Dr Sarah Butcher
    Dr Sarah Butcher
    Head of Bioinformatics Support Service
  • Mr Andrew Heard
    Mr Andrew Heard
    Database Manager
  • Professor Azeem Majeed
    Professor Azeem Majeed
    Professor of Primary Care
  • Professor Brendan Delaney
    Professor Brendan Delaney
    Chair in Medical Informatics and Decision Making
  • Professor Christopher Millett
    Professor Christopher Millett
    Professor of Public Health
  • Professor Elio Riboli
    Professor Elio Riboli
    Director, School of Public Health
  • Professor Gerry Thomas
    Professor Gerry Thomas
    Chair in Molecular Pathology & Director of Imperial Tissue Bank
  • Professor Jaspal Kooner
    Professor Jaspal Kooner
    Professor of Clinical Cardiology
  • Professor John Chambers
    Professor John Chambers
    Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology
  • Professor Majid Ezzati
    Professor Majid Ezzati
    Chair in Global Environmental Health
  • Professor Mauricio Barahona
    Professor Mauricio Barahona
    Chair in Biomathematics
  • Professor Paul Elliott
    Professor Paul Elliott
    Theme Lead, Informatics & Biobanking
  • Professor Paulo Vineis
    Professor Paulo Vineis
    Chair in Environmental Epidemiology
  • Professor Robert Glen
    Professor Robert Glen
    Chair in Computational Medicine
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