Surgery & Technology

The NIHR Imperial BRC Surgery & Technology Theme aims to improve the quality and safety of the surgical care pathway through technological innovations. These innovations are translated in a safe and cost-effective manner, with significant health and economic impact. Our outputs arise from three inter-related streams of research and are transferrable across all surgical specialties. The three streams are:

Surgical robotics and allied technologies
We are improving visualization, ergonomics, and accuracy, using new diagnostic and sensing capabilities. The aim is to further reduce the trauma of access and the invasiveness of surgery. We are developing cost-effective in vivo robotic platforms, validated in first-in-man studies, as well as smart sensing materials, implantables, and endovascular robotic platforms. We are also validating an advanced robotic platform that integrates the already developed patient- and procedure-specific technologies, including surgical navigation and guidance. In addition, we are developing new endoscopic imaging devices, providing multimodal visualisation of anatomical targets.

Diagnostics and sensing
Innovative technologies are being developed for peri-operative diagnosis and sensing, including biophotonics, confocal imaging, mass-spectral tissue analysis, and sepsis detection sensors. Our ex vivo REIMS (rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry) database and confocal microscopy databank are being validated intra-operatively, to clarify their diagnostic accuracy when used in breast cancer surgery. We are also testing the feasibility of near-infrared fluorescence-guided endoscopic and wider-field intervention with a view to using this technology in oesophageal and breast conserving surgery for margin control. Our work on translation of image augmentation and overlay in oncological surgery is ongoing, and we are undertaking large-scale multi-centre collaborative studies to test the effect of existing endovascular robotic platforms on patient outcomes.

Translation and service delivery
We are developing decision support systems for surgeons that are compatible or integrated with existing IT infrastructure and establishing new policy frameworks for evaluation, translation, and diffusion of surgical innovations. In collaboration with the BRC economics cross-cutting theme, we are creating a robust economic framework for identifying high-value technologies and practices. Working within Imperial College London’s Leading Health Systems Network, we are dedicated to improving healthcare by effectively and efficiently using available resources, bringing together the best ideas, models of care, and strategies to drive sustained improvement.

Key Individuals
  • Professor The Lord Ara Darzi
    Professor The Lord Ara Darzi
    Theme Lead, Surgery & Technology
  • Dr Benny Lo
    Dr Benny Lo
    Non-Clinical Lecturer in Medical Robotics
  • Dr Celia Riga
    Dr Celia Riga
    Consultant Vascular Surgeon
  • Dr Colin Bicknell
    Dr Colin Bicknell
    Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Dr David Eldred-Evans
    Dr David Eldred-Evans
    Clinical Research Fellow
  • Dr Dominic King
    Dr Dominic King
    Honorary Clinical Lecturer
  • Dr Emile Tan
    Dr Emile Tan
    linical Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Fernando Bello
    Dr Fernando Bello
    Reader in Surgical Graphics and Computing
  • Dr George Mylonas
    Dr George Mylonas
    Lecturer in Robotics and Technology
  • Dr Jamie Murphy
    Dr Jamie Murphy
    Clinical Senior Lecturer in Colorectal Surgery
  • Dr Joachim Marti
    Dr Joachim Marti
    Lecturer in Health Economics
  • Dr Jonathan Benn
    Dr Jonathan Benn
    Lecturer in Quality Improvement Healthcare
  • Dr Krishna Moorthy
    Dr Krishna Moorthy
    Clinical Senior Lecturer in Upper Gastrointestinal
  • Dr Matthew Harris
    Dr Matthew Harris
    Clinical Senior Lecturer in Public Health
  • Dr Olga Kostopoulou
    Dr Olga Kostopoulou
    Reader in Medical Decision Making
  • Dr Philip Pratt
    Dr Philip Pratt
    Research Fellow
  • Dr Su-Lin Lee
    Dr Su-Lin Lee
    Lecturer in Robotic Surgery
  • Dr Yasser Bhatti
    Dr Yasser Bhatti
    Research Fellow in Frugal Innovation
  • Mr Daniel Leff
    Mr Daniel Leff
    Clinical Senior Lecturer in Breast Surgery
  • Mr Erik Mayer
    Mr Erik Mayer
    Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Mr James Kinross
    Mr James Kinross
    Clinical Senior Lecturer in Colorectal Surgery
  • Mr Oliver Boughton
    Mr Oliver Boughton
    Clinical Research Fellow
  • Mr Sanjay Purkayastha
    Mr Sanjay Purkayastha
    Clinical Senior Lecturer in Bariatric Surgery/Consultant in Bariatric Surgery
  • Prof Daniel Elson
    Prof Daniel Elson
    Reader in Surgical Imaging
  • Professor Alison McGregor
    Professor Alison McGregor
    Professor of Musculoskeletal Biodynamics
  • Professor Amanda Cross
    Professor Amanda Cross
    Reader in Cancer Epidemiology
  • Professor Elias Mossialos
    Professor Elias Mossialos
    Professor of Health Policy
  • Professor George Hanna
    Professor George Hanna
    Professor of Surgical Sciences
  • Professor Guang-Zhong Yang
    Professor Guang-Zhong Yang
    Director, The Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery
  • Professor Hashim Ahmed
    Professor Hashim Ahmed
    Chair in Urology
  • Professor James Barlow
    Professor James Barlow
    Chair in Technology and Innovation Management
  • Professor Julian Teare
    Professor Julian Teare
    Professor of Gastroenterology / Consultant Gastroenterologist
  • Professor Justin Cobb
    Professor Justin Cobb
    Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Professor Long R Jiao
    Professor Long R Jiao
    Professor of Surgery
  • Professor Nagy Habib
    Professor Nagy Habib
    Professor of Hepatobiliary Surgery
  • Professor Paris Tekkis
    Professor Paris Tekkis
    Professor of Colorectal Surgery
  • Professor Roger Emery
    Professor Roger Emery
    Consultant orthopaedic surgery
  • Professor Roger Kneebone
    Professor Roger Kneebone
    Professor of Surgical Education and Engagement Science
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