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Prof Chris Toumazou has developed a revolutionary semiconductor-based sequencing technology that enables rapid point-of-care genetic diagnosis. This obviates the need for expensive laboratory installations. One of the most immediate applications is the genetic diagnosis of pathogens at the bedside or outside of specialised centres, thus enabling immediate initiation of life-saving treatments. The same principle has been used for rapid, low cost, large-scale genome sequencing, and has provided the patents on which Ion Torrent (currently owned by Thermo Fisher Scientific) has based its next generation sequencing products. DNA Electronics has also licensed its technology to Roche’s 454 Life Sciences to enable long-read DNA sequencing. The technology represents a significant breakthrough in genomics and has accordingly received extensive attention in the public, business, scientific and medical media. Prof Toumazou’s technologies have resulted in multiple ongoing collaborations, including Cancer, Metabolic Medicine & Endocrinology, and Infection Themes.

  • Professor Chris Toumazou
    Professor Chris Toumazou
    Regius Professor of Engineering, Chair in Biomedical Circuit Design
  • DNA Electronics Ltd

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