Respiratory disease is common, burdensome and deadly, affecting >12M people in the UK and accounting for 1-in-5 deaths. Lung disease impacts disproportionately the young, elderly, poor and under-served populations, with impaired lung health in early-life linking to poor respiratory and cardio-metabolic status in adults. It Is intimately associated with indoor and outdoor air quality, occupational exposures, and urban living and air pollution-related deaths are set to double by 2050. The UK has seen an increase in COPD, lung fibrosis (IPF), asthma and atopy plus rising admissions for pneumonia. Despite this, respiratory research suffers from well-documented underfunding from the government, charities and pharma.

This Theme capitalizes on the alignment of the National Heart and Lung Institute, the UK’s largest academic Respiratory Department with five major hospitals (Hammersmith, St Mary’s, Charing Cross, Chelsea & Westminster, and West Middlesex) and continuing collaborations with the Royal Brompton.

Key Individuals
  • Professor Edwin Chilvers
    Professor Edwin Chilvers
    Theme Lead, Respiratory & Head of the National Heart & Lung Institute
  • Professor Jane Davies
    Professor Jane Davies
    Theme Lead, Respiratory & Professor of Paediatric Respirology & Experimental Medicine
  • Dr Shauna McKibben
    Dr Shauna McKibben
    PPIEP Lead; Allergy and Asthma Clinical Nurse Specialist, Imperial College NHS Trust,
  • Professor Adnan Custovic
    Professor Adnan Custovic
    Clinical Chair in Paediatric Allergy
  • Professor Clare Lloyd
    Professor Clare Lloyd
    Vice-Dean (Institutional Affairs); Faculty of Medicine
  • Professor Gisli Jenkins
    Professor Gisli Jenkins
    Margaret Turner Warwick Chair of Thoracic Medicine
  • Professor Jennifer Quint
    Professor Jennifer Quint
    Professor of Respiratory Epidemiology
  • Professor Mohamed Shamji
    Professor Mohamed Shamji
    Professor of Immunology and Allergy
  • Professor Peter Openshaw
    Professor Peter Openshaw
    Professor of Experimental Medicine
  • Professor Salman Siddiqui
    Professor Salman Siddiqui
    Clinical Chair of Respiratory Medicine
  • Professor Sejal Saglani
    Professor Sejal Saglani
    Professor of Paediatric Respiratory Medicine
  • Professor Uta Griesenbach
    Professor Uta Griesenbach
    Professor of Molecular Medicine
  • Professor Wisia Wedzicha
    Professor Wisia Wedzicha
    Clinical Chair in Respiratory Medicine
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