Organoid Facility

The Imperial BRC Organoid Facility serves as a multi-disciplinary research and training hub to decrease the barrier to accessing stem cell and organoid-related methods. The Facility supports organoid work (iPSC or adult biopsy-derived culture) by operating as a main laboratory for general culture and future biobanking, providing know-how and related training, as well as developing complex disease models with multi-omics readouts.

The facility provides support for all aspects of organoid work including:

  • consultation in training of organoid technologies,
  • designing projects and experiments,
  • iPSC and biopsy-derived organoid line generation,
  • transgenic organoid development
  • support in organoid processing for downstream applications.

Services are available for both internal academic users and industrial sectors.

For more details please review the facility webpages.

Email for general enquires


Key Individuals
  • Diana Papp
    Diana Papp
    Research Associate in Organoid Manipulation and Management
  • Dr Harry Leitch
    Group Head, Germline and Pluripotency
  • Dr Tamas Korcsmaros
    Dr Tamas Korcsmaros
    Senior Lecturer in Intestinal Epithelial Biology
  • Dr Tamir Rashid
    Dr Tamir Rashid
    Clinical Reader in Liver Regeneration
  • Isabelle Hautefort
    Isabelle Hautefort
    Research Associate in Intestinal Organoid Biology
  • Sandra S  Koigi
    Sandra S Koigi
    Laboratory research technician in Organoid Culturing
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