About Us

The NIHR Imperial Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) is a translational research partnership between Imperial College London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

It provides the infrastructure – human and technological – to conduct early stage experimental medicine within our Academic Health Science Centre. The BRC aims to exploit the scientific power of the College’s Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Natural Sciences, and provide proof-of-principle of new breakthroughs within the clinical setting. We collaborate extensively with industry, other funding agencies, and with colleagues across the NIHR infrastructure. Our patients and volunteers are closely involved in the design and delivery of research, and the BRC invests heavily in skills and training for the clinical academics of tomorrow.

For research enquiries, training opportunities and collaborations:

Dr Irina Babina
Gut Health
Surgery and Technology
Molecular Phenomics
Industry Collaborations

Email Irina
+44 20 3312 5201

Dr Susie Gray
Brain Sciences
Infection and AMR
Informatics and Biobanking
Training & Capacity Development

Email Susie
+44 20 3312 2560

Dr Aadil Kazi
Metabolic Medicine and Endocrinology
Genetics and Genomics

Email Aadil
+44 20 3312 2563

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