The Immunology theme studies chronic immune disorders that have a significant health and economic burden. This is due to their potential to cause organ failure and the requirement for complex immunosuppression protocols. We focus on (i) antibody-mediated disorders; (ii) thrombo-inflammation; (iii) glomerulonephritis and (iv) renal transplantation. Our theme combines the world-leading immunology and inflammation expertise within the academic Centres for Inflammatory Disease and Haematology  with the translational research expertise of our multidisciplinary Clinical Centres. Our overarching aims are to ensure timely and accurate diagnosis, to optimise immunosuppression treatment and to develop novel therapeutics.

The detailed Theme objectives can be found here.

The Theme sits within Imperial College’s Department of Immunology and Inflammation – news updates from the Department can be found here.

The NIHR Imperial BRC Immunology Theme has funding available to support small pilot projects, up to £30,000 that align tot he Themes Core Objectives. Deadline for applications is the 14th July 2023. Download the guidance and application form.


Key Individuals
  • Dr Nichola Cooper
    Dr Nichola Cooper
    Theme Lead, Immunology
  • Professor Matthew Pickering
    Professor Matthew Pickering
    Theme Lead, Immunology
  • Dr Amna Malik
    Dr Amna Malik
    Research Associate - Theme Committee Member
  • Dr Candice Roufosse
    Dr Candice Roufosse
    Clinical Reader in Renal Pathology - Theme Committee Member
  • Dr Deepa Jayakody Arachchillage
    Dr Deepa Jayakody Arachchillage
    Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer - Theme Committee Member
  • Dr Jessica Strid
    Dr Jessica Strid
    Professor of Cellular Immunology
  • Dr Maria Prendecki
    Dr Maria Prendecki
    Clinical Lecturer - Theme Committee Member
  • Dr Megan Griffith
    Dr Megan Griffith
    Consultant Nephrologist
  • Dr Michelle Willicombe
    Dr Michelle Willicombe
    Clinical Reader in Renal Pathology - Theme Committee Member
  • Dr Nicholas Medjeral-Thomas
    Dr Nicholas Medjeral-Thomas
    Honorary Clinical Research Fellow - Theme Committee Member
  • Dr Stephen McAdoo
    Dr Stephen McAdoo
    Consultant Nephrologist and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Tom Cairns
    Dr Tom Cairns
    Consultant Nephrologist
  • Professor Frederick Tam
    Professor Frederick Tam
    Ken and Mary Minton Chair of Renal Medicine / Consultant Nephrologist
  • Professor Liz Lightstone
    Professor Liz Lightstone
    Professor of Renal Medicine
  • Professor Marina Botto
    Professor Marina Botto
    Professor of Rheumatology
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