The NIHR Imperial Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) harnesses the scientific power of Imperial College London, the only UK University devoted wholly to science, engineering, business and medicine, and the UK’s largest group of research-intensive hospitals Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. The aim of this partnership is to rapidly translate scientific discoveries into the clinic, through our five hospitals which serve an ethnically diverse population of 2.3 million people in North-West London. Our activities are focused on developing new devices, diagnostics, new therapies and in analysing and integrating health data.

The BRC supports the infrastructure to promote and facilitate the flow of research from laboratory bench to patient bedside as effectively and efficiently as possible. It provides an environment in which scientific endeavour can thrive, attracts talented investigators from across the globe, and produces world-class outputs, contributing to the UK’s international competitiveness as a major component of our knowledge economy.

The BRC drives innovation in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ill-health by funding and supporting people- or patient-focused early translational research. Our work is split into eight Research Themes, each of which represents a substantial portfolio of internationally excellent experimental medicine research, in areas of unmet clinical need. The BRC also invests in four cutting-edge technology platforms – our Cross-Cutting Themes – as well as other core facilities, NHS support units, and training of the next generation of clinical academics.

The BRC is the engine of our Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC), creating a vibrant pipeline of high-quality early translational research – new devices, diagnostics, therapeutics and data-driven healthcare research.

Key Individuals
  • Prof Iain McNeish
    Prof Iain McNeish
    Theme Lead, Cancer
  • Professor Elaine Holmes
    Professor Elaine Holmes
    Theme Lead, Gut Health
  • Professor Eric Aboagye
    Professor Eric Aboagye
    Theme Lead, Imaging
  • Professor Jeremy Nicholson
    Professor Jeremy Nicholson
    Theme Lead, Molecular Phenomics
  • Professor Jorge Ferrer
    Professor Jorge Ferrer
    Theme Lead, Genetics & Genomics
  • Professor Marina Botto
    Professor Marina Botto
    Theme Lead, Immunology
  • Professor Mark Thursz
    Professor Mark Thursz
    NIHR Imperial BRC Director
  • Professor Paul Elliott
    Professor Paul Elliott
    Theme Lead, Informatics & Biobanking
  • Professor Paul Matthews
    Professor Paul Matthews
    Theme Lead, Brain Sciences
  • Professor Peter Openshaw
    Professor Peter Openshaw
    Theme Lead, Infection
  • Professor Sian Harding
    Professor Sian Harding
    Theme Lead, Cardiovascular
  • Professor Sir Steve Bloom
    Professor Sir Steve Bloom
    Theme Lead, Metabolic Medicine & Endocrinology
  • Professor The Lord Ara Darzi
    Professor The Lord Ara Darzi
    Theme Lead, Surgery & Technology
  • Professor Waljit Dhillo
    Professor Waljit Dhillo
    NIHR Imperial BRC Training Lead
  • Dr Chiara Recchi
    Dr Chiara Recchi
    Tumour Suppressor Group Lead
  • Prof Christina Fotopoulou
    Prof Christina Fotopoulou
    Consultant gynaecological oncologist
  • Prof Mary Wells
    Prof Mary Wells
    Lead Research Nurse
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