Imperial’s Clinical Analytics, Research and Evaluation (iCARE) project started in Autumn 2019 as a proof-of-concept high performance analytics environment, funded by NIHR Imperial BRC.

This system will provide the ability to manage access control to specific de-identified data resources allowing full audit of every action that staff take when using Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (ICHNT) data, with audit data accessible in real-time to the ICHNT Data Protection Office.

The high performance informatics solution (iCARE) was set up with two main interlinked purposes, to support:

  • Clinical analytics and evaluation activities within the Trust to provide direct care benefits by supporting agile informatics for Trust quality improvement flow programmes and enable analysis on linked data covering patient pathways
  • Approved access to de-identified data for researchers and external analysts, enhancing our ability to learn from and improve the way care is delivered in the future.

Response to COVID-19

In partnership with Whole Systems Integrated Care (WSIC), iCARE platform will provide a sector-wide solution to allow fast processing of data, to help to understand COVID 19 and North West London’s clinical, operational and research needs through provision of both:

  • A direct care COVID-19 data analytics platform that links huge volumes of data from WSIC in near real-time and increasing data flows from other providers to enable a complete picture of COVID-19 related healthcare for provision to the sectors gold command, healthcare providers and healthcare staff on the front line
  • A research platform where de-identified data access can be provided securely and safely to approved researchers to analyse data related to the disease helping us understand and improve the healthcare response to the pandemic in both North-West London (NWL) and nationally through the work carried out in the NIHR Health Informatics Collaborative (HIC).

COVID-19 NWL Data Prioritisation Group was set-up to ensure rapid and rigorous review of data access requests, and was launched on 8th May 2020. You can view the datasets and submit a request using options below:

Frequently Asked Questions: WSIC de-identified data

List of projects with granted data access

Key individuals behind iCARE:

Erik Mayer
Transformation Chief Clinical Information Officer (Analytics & Informatics), Consultant Surgeon, Clinical Senior Lecturer
Ben Glampson
Research Informatics Programme Manager, NIHR HIC Imperial Programme Manager, Health Informatician
Abdulrahim Mulla
Deputy Data Warehouse Manager Research
Luca Mercuri
Deputy Data Warehouse Manager Research
Dimitri Papadimitriou
Deputy Research Informatics Programme Manager
Sridhar Reddy
Senior SQL Developer
Algirdas (Anthony) Galdikas
Senior SQL Developer
Jashvin Kerai
Data Warehouse Manager IBI
Jingxian You
Research Assistant (Clinical Analytics & Data Science)
Lan Wang
Research Assistant (Clinical Analytics & Data Science)
Sneha Jha
Postgraduate Researcher (Clinical Analytics & Data Science)

This work would not be possible without our partners: