Digestive Diseases

Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders account for 20% of primary care consultations and are important drivers of mortality, morbidity, and escalating healthcare cost. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) affects 1% of the North-West London population, with increasing incidence amongst our ethnically diverse population. Regional deprivation is associated with high alcohol use and obesity leading to a high prevalence of chronic liver disease (CLD).

The GI tract is home to over 40 trillion bacteria, which together with communities of fungi and viruses, is known as the microbiome. Disturbance of the microbiome and host-microbe interactions underlie many GI and liver diseases, mediated through loss of gut barrier function, dysregulation of immune function, disruption of metabolism and carriage of pathobionts. Experimental probing and manipulation of this key ecosystem hold the key to improving patient outcomes. Digestive Diseases Theme will leverage unique local expertise and convergence science opportunities to address five areas of GI/liver disease which arise from disorders in the intestinal microbiome:

  1. Colonisation with multi-drug resistant bacteria in vulnerable patients
  2. Translocation of microorganisms due to impaired epithelial integrity
  3. Precision medicine to guide treatment in IBD using host-microbiome profiling
  4. Precision medicine in ALD
  5. Testing novel treatment strategies and premorbid diagnostics in checkpoint inhibitor-induced colitis and hepatitis
Key Individuals
  • Dr Nick Powell
    Dr Nick Powell
    Clinical Reader in Gastroenterology - Co-Theme Lead
  • Professor Julian Marchesi
    Professor Julian Marchesi
    Professor of Digestive Health - Co-Theme Lead
  • Professor Mark Thursz
    Professor Mark Thursz
    NIHR Imperial BRC Director
  • Dr Alex Thompson
    Dr Alex Thompson
    Lecturer in Sensing in Cancer
  • Dr Benjamin Mullish
    Dr Benjamin Mullish
    Clinical Lecturer
  • Dr David MacIntyre
    Dr David MacIntyre
    MRC-CDA Fellow & Lecturer in Reproductive Systems Medicine
  • Dr Evangelos Triantafyllou
    Dr Evangelos Triantafyllou
    Lecturer in Liver Immunology
  • Dr Horace Williams
    Dr Horace Williams
    Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Isabel Garcia-Perez
    Dr Isabel Garcia-Perez
    Lecturer in Precision & Systems Medicine
  • Dr James Alexander
    Dr James Alexander
    Clinical Lecturer
  • Dr James Maurice
    Dr James Maurice
    Clinical Research Fellow
  • Dr Jia Li
    Dr Jia Li
    Reader in Biological Chemistry
  • Dr Jiri Pavlu
    Dr Jiri Pavlu
    epartment of Immunology and Inflammation
  • Dr Jonathan Hoare
    Dr Jonathan Hoare
    Consultant Gastroenterologist
  • Dr Jonathan Swann
    Dr Jonathan Swann
    Senior Lecturer in Microbiomics and Human Development
  • Dr Julie McDonald
    Dr Julie McDonald
  • Dr Lesley Hoyles
    Dr Lesley Hoyles
    MRC Intermediate Fellow in Data Science
  • Dr Lucia Possamai
    Dr Lucia Possamai
    Consultant Hepatologist and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Nikihl Vergis
    Dr Nikihl Vergis
    Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Phil Tozer
    Dr Phil Tozer
    Consultant Colorectal Surgeon
  • Dr Pinelopi Manousou
    Dr Pinelopi Manousou
    Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Sam Au
    Dr Sam Au
    Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Sarah Butcher
    Dr Sarah Butcher
    Head of Bioinformatics Support Service
  • Dr Simon Peake
    Dr Simon Peake
    Consultant gastroenterologist
  • Dr Tamas Korcsmaros
    Dr Tamas Korcsmaros
    Senior Lecturer in Intestinal Epithelial Biology
  • Dr Tamir Rashid
    Dr Tamir Rashid
    Clinical Reader in Liver Regeneration
  • Dr. Joram Posma
    Dr. Joram Posma
    Research Associate
  • Professor Ailsa Hart
    Professor Ailsa Hart
    Professor of Practice
  • Professor Elaine Holmes
    Professor Elaine Holmes
  • Professor Gary Frost
    Professor Gary Frost
    Chair in Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Professor Huw Thomas
    Professor Huw Thomas
  • Professor Kevin Murphy
    Professor Kevin Murphy
    Professor of Endocrinology & Metabolism
  • Professor Marc-Emmanuel Dumas
    Professor Marc-Emmanuel Dumas
    Reader in Translational Systems Medicine
  • Professor Paris Tekkis
    Professor Paris Tekkis
    Professor of Colorectal Surgery
  • Professor Rob Goldin
    Professor Rob Goldin
    Professor of Liver & GI Pathology
  • Professor Robert Glen
    Professor Robert Glen
    Chair in Computational Medicine
  • Professor Rongjun Chen
    Professor Rongjun Chen
    Professor of Biomaterials Engineering
  • Professor Stella Knight
    Professor Stella Knight
    Senior Research Investigator
  • Professor Timothy Orchard
    Professor Timothy Orchard
    Professor of Gastroenterology
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