Brain Sciences

The need for neurological and mental health care is rising and new approaches are necessary to deliver at the scale demanded. Delivering this care is especially difficult in our London catchment area because of high rates of co-morbidity, social deprivation and social inequalities. This theme will develop new approaches in two underserved populations in this area: the very old and the young with a dual focus on late-life cognitive impairment and on emotional and behavioural dysregulation seen across psychiatric disorders in young people. This approach is likely to deliver a substantial impact as around 25% of NHS beds are currently occupied by patients living with dementia and by 2040 those affected by dementia will increase to around 1.6 million in the UK.

Key Individuals
  • Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes
    Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes
    Chair in Addiction Biology
  • Professor David Sharp
    Professor David Sharp
    Professor of Neurology
  • Dr Aldo Faisal
    Dr Aldo Faisal
    Senior Lecturer in Neurotechnology
  • Dr Barry Seemungal
    Dr Barry Seemungal
    Consultant Neurologist
  • Dr Claudia Clopath
    Dr Claudia Clopath
  • Dr David Owen
    Dr David Owen
    Clinical Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology
  • Dr Enrico Petretto
    Dr Enrico Petretto
    Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Kevin O'Neill
    Dr Kevin O'Neill
    Consultant Neurosurgeon
  • Dr Lucia Li
    Dr Lucia Li
    NIHR Clinical Lecturer (Neurology)
  • Dr Paolo Muraro
    Dr Paolo Muraro
    Clinical Reader in Neuroimmunology
  • Dr Paresh Malhotra
    Dr Paresh Malhotra
    Clinical Senior Lecturer / Consultant Neurologist
  • Dr Paul Bentley
    Dr Paul Bentley
    Senior Clinical Research Fellow & Consultant Neurologist
  • Dr Paul Edison
    Dr Paul Edison
    Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Paul Ramchandani
    Dr Paul Ramchandani
    Reader in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Dr Richard Nicholas
    Dr Richard Nicholas
    Consultant Neurologist
  • Dr Richard Perry
    Dr Richard Perry
    Consultant neurologist
  • Professor David Brooks
    Professor David Brooks
    Hartnett Professor of Neurology
  • Professor David Dexter
    Professor David Dexter
    Professor of Neuropharmacology
  • Professor David Nutt
    Professor David Nutt
    Edmond J Safra Chair in Neuropsychopharmacology
  • Professor Denis Azzopardi
    Professor Denis Azzopardi
    Visiting Researcher
  • Professor Etienne Burdet
    Professor Etienne Burdet
    Professor of Human Robotics
  • Professor Michael Johnson
    Professor Michael Johnson
    Professor of Neurology and Genomic Medicine
  • Professor Paola Piccini
    Professor Paola Piccini
    Professor of Neurology
  • Professor Paul Matthews
    Professor Paul Matthews
    Edmond and Lily Safra Chair, Head of Department
  • Professor Richard Festenstein
    Professor Richard Festenstein
    Clinical Professor of Molecular Medicine
  • Professor Richard Reynolds
    Professor Richard Reynolds
    Professor of Cellular Neurobiology
  • Professor Roger Gunn
    Professor Roger Gunn
    Professor of Molecular Neuroimaging
  • Professor Roland Veltkamp
    Professor Roland Veltkamp
    Professor of Neurology/Chair of Stroke Medicine/Consultant
  • Professor Simone Di Giovanni
    Professor Simone Di Giovanni
    Chair in Restorative Neuroscience
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