Upcoming Events

  • 24th April 2024
    • BRC London Human Challenge Collaborative Meeting10:00 - 16:00A gathering of clinicians, scientists, and professionals dedicated to advancing the field of human infection challenge Goodenough College
      Mecklenburgh Square London WC1N 2AB
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    • CATO Masterclass - Intermediate Fellowships11:30 - 13:00Intermediate fellowship (e.g., clinician scientist/career development fellowship) is an ideal step after a PhD, providing support to complete clinical training and substantial time for progressing research. This Masterclass will provide information about various schemes available, advice about making a high-quality application, common pitfalls and how we can support you. Participants will have a chance to ask the panel questions. Online via Zoom More details »
  • 29th April 2024
    • Imperial Lung and Airway Organoid Workshop10:00 - 16:00The workshop is relevant for anyone already working with lung and airway organoids and interested in expanding the source samples, the complexity of their experimental setup, and the readout of their data. Likewise, those who are not yet working with lung or airway organoids but have a biomedical or an engineering interest to start working with lung organoids or with those who already work with them are very much welcome to join. Link to register: https://forms.microsoft.com/e/h4EGBGLM6t?origin=lprLink 7th floor Seminar room
      LMS Building, Hammersmith Campus
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    • Meet the Funders- Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Session13:00 - 14:00CRUK has a variety of fellowships, bursaries and other career development opportunities for cancer-focused academic and clinician researchers. This session is free and open to all colleagues at Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre and Affiliates (Imperial College London, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, The Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals (Affiliate)). Online via Zoom More details »
  • 9th May 2024
    • CATO & ThinkWrite writing skills training: sessions overview09:00 - 17:00two free, in-person sessions, in conjunction with Thinkwrite Consultancy, to support you with grant proposals and getting your writing published.
      i. Writing targeted grant proposals … reducing time while increasing success.
      ii. Writing Quality papers … a strategic approach to getting published in your target journal.
      Incubator Boardroom, I-HUB (Translation & Innovation Hub), Imperial College White City Campus More details »
  • 19th June 2024
    • NIHR BioResource Scientific Conference 202409:30 - 12:30Join us on Wednesday 19 June to find out how we can support you to take your research from bench to bedside with access to curated clinical and genetic datasets, biosamples and the ability to identify and recall specific individuals based on genotype and/or phenotype. Along with opening remarks from Dr. Gail Marzetti, Director of Science, Research and Evidence at the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), we're delighted to announce the following speakers: • Dr. Clare Palmer - IESO Health - Engagement and acceptability of a digital programme for anxiety
      • Christina Stankey - The Francis Crick Institute - From genetic associations to disease mechanisms in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
      • Dr. Paul Lyons - University of Cambridge - COVID-19
      • Dr. Christian Selinger - Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust - Examining family planning in patients with IBD
      • Dr. Luiza C. Campos - University College London - Primary Immunodeficiency (PID)
      This is a fantastic opportunity to hear leading academics and industry researchers highlight their recent work and the unique role of the NIHR BioResource in facilitating translational research across a range of disease areas.
      This online event is free to attend for everyone.
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