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A 15-minute scan could help diagnose brain damage in newborns

New £10m centre in medical imaging and Artificial Intelligence announced

Clinical translation of endothelial colony forming cells

Genomic Medicine Symposium

“Trust me, I’m an AI doctor” – using Artificial Intelligence to prevent sepsis-related deaths

Award to develop microbiome research in liver disease

Award for robotic surgery research

Developing clinical academic leaders in nursing and allied health professions

Novel promising treatment strategy for multiple myeloma

‘Off-the-shelf’ immunotherapy for cancer

Kisspeptin hormone alters male brain networks to enhance sexual and emotional function

DnaNudge app released to help shoppers make healthy food choices

TB genetic breakthrough may help tackle drug resistance

Community health workers could help tackle NHS workload crisis

Research Training Fellowship Opportunities

NIHR funding award for stroke rehabilitation video game

NIHR Research Professorships: call now open

First patient-derived in vitro model to study proteostasis deregulation in disease

Healthcare Professional Academic Group Launch Event

An interactive PPIE workshop on kidney transplant rejection

Students recognised for their work in robot-assisted surgery

Novel pilot ideas in Surgery & Technology

NIHR infrastructure at Imperial: the Clinical Research Facility

Antibodies cut heart attack risk

PPI grant scheme launched

Radiomic classification method can help to improve treatment for lung cancer patients

Big data drug discovery approach identifies new epilepsy target

Long-term cardiovascular benefits provided by blood pressure-lowering medications and statins

Unravelling ovarian cancer genome complexity

Potent psychedelic DMT mimics near-death experience in the brain

NIHR Clinical Lecturer – Lina’s story

New industry partnership to develop gene therapy for cystic fibrosis

HEE/NIHR Fellowship awards for Imperial midwives

Brain’s pleasure response blunted in alcohol dependence

Genetic signature diagnostic test for Kawasaki Disease

Imperial researcher wins prize for non-invasive brain stimulation method

Potential screening test for pancreatic cancer

Improving results in dialysis patients through MRI scans

GripAble exhibits at Science Museum Lates event

Metabolic Medicine & Endocrinology Theme Showcase

Harnessing the complexity of immune response for cancer therapy

Pump-priming the translational pipeline: ICiC awards

Validation of the first wearable system to detect foetal movement

Big Data, AI and NHS: improving treatment and care

Microbes help early detection of liver disease

Allergic responses linked to skin cancer protection

Cardiovascular function is linked to high blood pressure in pregnancy

Financial incentives could help reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescribing

Novel treatment avenue for ovarian cancer

The pathway to personalised treatments for managing diabetes

Award for Excellence in Societal Engagement

Estimating the health and economic effects of reducing salt intake

£5m grant awarded to MedTech accelerator led by Imperial

My journey into research nursing

Chain-Florey Fellow awarded Imperial Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

The PPI Café – open for ideas

Earlier diagnosis of upper GI cancers with a breath test

ITMAT Data Science Workshop 2018

Interaction of faulty gene with alcohol may accelerate heart failure

Arterial stents mean patients are more likely to be free from angina symptoms

NIHR Imperial BRC researchers win top EU funding awards

ITMAT Funding Call 2018 – Awards

Genomic analysis provides new insights for infection transmission

Novel role for immune cells in making lupus worse

BRC Theme Lead elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Research journey of a Chain-Florey Lecturer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves stroke and dementia diagnosis in brain scans

Kidney transplant antibody-mediated rejection workshop

HIV researchers create Chelsea garden to raise awareness of disease stigma

2018 Chain-Florey Workshop

Introducing the Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Resource Hub

Patients & Public Involvement & Engagement Strategy Launched

Imperial Enterprise Week: seven inventions and the inventors behind them

Augmented reality technology enables more accurate surgery

Research career pathway for non-medical clinicians: an inside view

Monitoring instead of surgery for young women with pre-invasive cervical lesions

NIHR Biomedical Research Centre Cell and Gene Therapy Event

New class of menopause drugs reduces number and severity of hot flushes in just three days

‘Organ-on-chip’ testing of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection

Mother’s microbiome as a predictor of premature labour

NIHR Senior Investigator awards for Imperial

NIHR Career Development Fellowship award for Imperial BRC investigator

MedCity: BRC Cell & Gene Therapy Showcase

Taking advantage of new digital and AI technologies to advance healthcare

NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship awards for Imperial healthcare professionals

New imaging techniques map brain development from pregnancy

Lead nurse appointment to drive research development in Imperial nursing community

Patient and public involvement to inform priorities for funding of infection research

Partnering with Heptares to accelerate translational research in gastrointestinal disease

Fellowship study sheds light on medication adherence in kidney transplant patients

NIHR BRC Infection and AMR Theme Showcase

Imperial-developed cancer drug enters phase I clinical trial

ITMAT Call for Proposals 2018

A new hope for drug-resistant gestational trophoblastic neoplasia

NIHR Imperial BRC Genomics Facility inaugural symposium

Twin-twin transfusion syndrome: treatment with High Energy Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

AI and aeronautic models used to optimise blood flow and improve haemodialysis

Keyhole surgery for abdominal aortic aneurysm benefits patients

‘Hearable’ – developing ear sensors for monitoring heart, brain and lung functions

Nearly six percent of all cancers are linked to diabetes and high BMI

Imperial spinout GripAble™ launches to improve physical rehabilitation

Role of kisspeptin in sexual and emotional brain processing

New technology could revolutionise the detection of blood-borne infections

Nutrition and Food Network launched

Ten-time increase of worldwide childhood obesity

Reducing drug dosage in CML patients in deep remission

PET imaging for improving diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

Potential placebo effect of heart stents

Imperial receives approval to begin the world’s first trial of MDMA to treat alcohol addiction

Research training awards for non-medics (2017/18)

Statins and the ‘nocebo’ effect

ITMAT Funding Call 2017 – Awards

Relief from menopausal symptoms

Precision nutrition: metabolic profiling of diet and disease risk

Computational prediction of heart failure

Interview with NIHR Research Professor Waljit Dhillo

Brain sciences research @ Imperial College London

ITMAT Call for Proposals: Developing Capacity

ITMAT Call for Proposals: Push for Impact

Imperial BRC awarded £90m of funding for 2017-22

Unravelling the genetic architecture of blood cell traits

Health Research Matters: BRC Open Day 2016 PPI Panel Session

Health Research Matters: BRC Open Day 2016: PPI Round Table

Health Research Matters: BRC Open Day 2016

Antibodies as a predictor of adverse cardiovascular events

How to Catch Flu

NIHR Imperial BRC Open Day 2016

Gut microbiome approach to reduce cravings for high-calorie foods

Data Science Institute

Computational and Systems Medicine and the iKnife at Imperial

Bio-inspired neuromodulation of obesity

London Life Sciences Prospective Population Study (LOLIPOP)

Renal disorders

The use of metabolic phenotyping to add value to genomic information

Validation of the iKnife

Development of informatics workflows for enhanced biomarker information recovery in molecular pathology and diagnostics

Treatment of vasculitis

Complement diagnostics and therapy in kidney disease

Cardiomyopathy & the Digital Heart Project

The prevalence of neuroendocrine tumours

The pathology of Alzheimer’s disease

DNA Electronics

The rapid diagnosis of Diamond-Blackfan anaemia

Novel therapeutic target for epilepsy

Reflections on Research: Experiences of Research Participation in North West London

Chemoprophylaxis for HIV

Defining the optimal therapy for primary HIV infection

A new diagnostic for detection of latent tuberculosis

Using Next-Generation Sequencing to inform and control an outbreak

Using the novel hormone kisspeptin to improve IVF treatment

Diabetes technology research

New treatments for obesity and diabetes

Imperial ranked 2nd most innovative university in Europe

Imperial Confidence in Concept Scheme Awards 2016

NIHR clinical academic trainee awards

ITMAT project leads to Royal College of Surgeons Fellowship

‘Hark’ clinical task management application

Image-guided robotic cancer surgery

i-Knife for breast cancer surgery

The Anglo-Scandinavian Cardiac Outcomes Trial and related studies

Ripple Mapping

Instantaneous Wave-free Ratio

The application of measures of minimal residual disease to chronic myeloid leukaemia

Gestational trophoblastic disease

Aromatase inhibitors in the adjuvant treatment of breast cancer and uncovering mechanisms of resistance

Prevention and treatment of progressive multiple sclerosis

Treatment of chronic sequelae of traumatic brain injury

Cooling to improve outcomes for babies after birth asphyxia

Clinical trial reveals early promise for treatment for Friedreich’s ataxia