One-Year Imperial Cardiovascular Clinical Academic Postdoctoral Fellowships

a woman clutching her chest in pain

Innovative medical implant found to relieve chest pain

Long COVID leads to inflammatory markers in the blood


BRC London Human Challenge Meeting

Global Human Challenge Consortium focused on next generation of vaccines

NIHR snr investigators 2024

Three Imperial researchers appointed as NIHR Senior Investigators

Jason Alden Commercial Photographer London

Elongated use of mobile phone is not associated with the risk of brain tumours

Online search data could help detect earlier cases of gynaecological cancer

Organiois Review

Facilitating access to organoid research for advanced disease modelling

ABHI partnership event data panel

Health technology event explores ways to expand innovation for patient benefits

kings school canterbury12 1701864272166 x2

Science in Medicine School Teams Prize 2024- Inspiring the scientists of tomorrow

Dr Sherrianne Ng

Celebrating Women at Imperial – Dr Sherrianne Ng

Paediatric Blast Injury Centre

Ukraine’s First Lady and Akshata Murty visit Paediatric Blast Injury Centre

Maria Piggin

“Our local communities are key to successful research”- Meet Maria Piggin


Al-backed Virtual Biopsy to help doctors assess lung cancer

International research web to fight deadly Strep A infections

anthony gordon nrcp

Imperial BRC Infection & AMR Theme member to lead NIHR’s National Research Collaboration Programme

Two,Dried,Psilocybin,Mushrooms,On,A,Rainbow coloured,Background.

Study associates psychedelic experiences with improved sexual function

Female Patient has discussion with her doctor

Digistain gains clinical data to support rapid breast cancer assessment method


Winner of the inaugural PPIE Project competition announced

imp vaccine trial

UK cancer patients receive experimental mRNA therapy for the first time

AHSC Daniel Leff

Interview with a researcher, working to improve healthcare- Daniel Leff

Blood pressure variability- a major predictor of heart attack and stroke risk

From left to right: Dr Konstantinos Kechagias, Prof Kyrgiou and Dr Laura Burney Ellis

Meet the Team Leading the Charge Against Cervical Cancer

GBM 4 lower res

Research advancement could liberate brain cancer patients from risky surgery

Understanding Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Transforming Heart Failure Prospects taking into account patient perspectives

itmat data science e1563442275988

NIHR Imperial BRC Digital Health Theme Pilot Project Call

Digestive Diseases co-funded PhD Studentships

Research shows risk of dying of cancer differs greatly across regions in England

Application open for Imperial Post-Doctoral, Post-CCT Research Fellowship (IPPRF)

kings school canterbury12 1701864272166 x2

Next generation scientists take part in Science in Medicine competition

Biomedical Engineering

BRC Biomedical Engineering Theme Launched the BRC-MedTechONE Joint Pilot Project Call

Petri dish

Antimicrobial Resistance: Securing the Future


Breaking the Silence on Baby Loss

Biomedical Eng Launch event- From left to right: Professor George Hanna, Professor Mark Thursz, Professor Deborah Ashby and Professor Anthony Bull

NIHR Imperial BRC Theme Biomedical Engineering launched a new era of collaboration bringing engineered technologies to the clinic


Prostate cancer focal therapy is cost effective and may improve patient outcomes

UK Government joins forces with the Fleming Centre to fight drug-resistant infections

Applications open for pan-London research fellowships

Imperial receives NIHR funding to develop innovative technology solutions to improve healthcare

New hope for patients with angina as stents proved to be an alternative to pain medication

Extremely premature babies receiving neonatal care have tripled

newseventsimage 1642178164071 mainnews2012 x1

AI stethoscope helping diagnose heart failure is rolled out to 100 GP clinics

PPIEP group meeting in the round

NIHR Imperial BRC PPIE Project Competition

Imperial researchers awarded £17m to lead two hubs to develop globally important vaccines


Imperial experts answer key questions on the future of AI to mark the AI Safety Summit in the UK


New £28m Centre to Forge the Next Generation of AI Digital Healthcare Innovators

Reversal of CPI-colitis by targeting IFNγ-producing immune cells provides hope for improved outcomes for cancer patients

Tamas Korcsmaros

NIHR Imperial BRC Organoid Facility takes inventions a step closer to disease modelling and precision medicine

Flask of pills

High-dose vitamin C proved to be ineffective while easily accessible cholesterol-lowering medicine improves outcomes for critically ill Covid-19 patients

Non-invasive brain stimulation could provide a new treatment for dementia


New bronchiolitis trial launched to seek the best breathing support for babies


Lifestyle changes caused the shift in the menstrual cycle during the COVID-19 pandemic

Adrenaline auto injector 954x556

Serious food allergic patients are frequently not being prescribed potentially lifesaving medication

UKRI funds three projects to tackle future disease threats


iCARE team’s innovation recognised at PENNA 2023

Journey to AI

Co-production around data science and AI could draw meaningful joint ownership

jennifer crow

North West London case study- Jennifer Crow’s story as an occupational therapist specialising in stroke research

Professor Eric Aboagye standing in front of a PET scanner

Imperial partners in UK’s first total-body PET platform for drug discovery

medibeacon monitor 1694276767788 x2

Fluorescence gives doctors a real-time connection with the health of the gut

minion mk1b white open mac laptop 2 duty time 1695291651308 x2

Nanopore sequencing and DNA barcoding method gives hope of personalised medicine

Brain imaging tool falls short for human tissue

Young people with ulcerative colitis at risk due to low adherence to prescribed medication

Dr James Kinross

Q&A with Dr Kinross about his new book about the importance of gut microbiome

Lymphoedema Awareness

Call for pan-London research fellowships 2023/2024

Pictiue of a trophy

Imperial’s UKRI IAA Fourth Round Funding

Study demonstrates remote GP appointments as effective as in-person for some conditions

180216 queens tower lgbt month 010

Imperial awarded funding to Community-led projects to reinforce diversity and inclusion

Dr Shivani Misra

World-first programme to transform diabetes care for under 40s

‘Transformative’ blood test could detect the cause of fever in children from molecular signatures

New research reveals antibiotics boost the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the gut

AI-enabled ECG could promote the early detection of cardiovascular diseases

Professor Iain McNeish leaning across his work desk

Study raises possibility of personalised ovarian cancer treatments

First womb transplant operation performed in the UK

Vulnerable groups identified as least likely to have COVID-19 antibodies


IHC opens call for applications for Research Fellowship funding programme 2024/25 soon

Cancer Technology Proof of Concept award competition is now open

Somaya and Greg HDR UK

Trust welcomes the HDR UK’s Black Internship Programme interns

Imperial Vice President and Sanofi representative sign agreemnet

New Sanofi scholarship programme dedicated to students from underrepresented communities

Sir Alexander Fleming

The Fleming Centre

Lymphocytes attacking a cancer cell

Imperial start-up raises additional investment for cell therapy targeting ovarian cancer

Human Heart Cell Atlas- Image by Dr Eleonora Adami

Detailed map of the human heart provides insights into cardiac disease

GAMSAS SocialMediaImages

Imperial NHS Trust becomes the first in the UK to receive BSAC Antimicrobial Stewardship accreditation


Unravelling the inner constitutions of Obesity


IHC Fellowships awarded to fund first steps in research

Avi standing in front of a brick building, holding the award and certificate

A conversation with Avani Ela Kaura -in celebration of Pride Month

PPIE Training session

NIHR Imperial BRC PERC Fellow 2023/24- Six-month fixed term secondment

5.1 data visualization

Navigating digital health: a guide to data and artificial intelligence in healthcare

two people are talking to each other surrounded by the displayed pictures

The Humans of Health Research exhibition progresses to local communities and hospitals

Graphical abstract of Ovarian Cancer diagnosis

Ovarian cancer study identifies key genes for potential treatments

Dr Fu Siong Ng and Dr Arunashis Sau holding the award certificate

NIHR Imperial BRC Cardiovascular researcher wins prestigious national cardiology award

Research Fellow working in a laboratory

BRC Pilot Project Funding

A signage saying Ovarian Cancer Action on it

A new study underlines the intricate and variable nature of ovarian cancer tumour biology

PERC Training session with a large screen at the front

Maximising community voices in NIHR Imperial BRC supported research themes

PLS Launch ceremony

Leading life sciences organisations join forces in Paddington

A woman covered in blanket sitting on a sofa and blowing nose

Further analysis of the COVID-19 human challenge study reveals insights into how the virus spreads

NIHR Imperial BRC funded NMAHPPs PhD opportunity for 2023

Pictiue of a trophy

RM Partners Research and Innovation Fund for 2023/2024

Prof Hanna with MP and Dean of FoM

Imperial led UK cancer breath tests reach final stages

Workshop & Funding Opportunity

Anne Lingford Hughes

NIHR Imperial BRC Theme Lead appointed to a national role aimed at tackling addiction and improving treatment outcomes

a young person standing on a weighing scale

A longitudinal analysis of the Millennium Cohort reports poor self-esteem and body image increase weight and contribute to poor mental health

Tracking sleep with an innovative sensor may help diagnose dementia

presenters with the trophy

The PRRU team won the Delegate Choice Best Poster Award at the RDF23

Clinical trials infographic

International Clinical Trials Day- 20 May 2023

the top of the Imperial Queen's Tower

Three Imperial researchers awarded Academy of Medical Sciences Fellowships

Pictiue of a trophy

NIHR Development and Skills Enhancement Award (DSE) 2023

a person in bed with his hand on his forehead

Mental Health Awareness Week, 15-19 May 2023

RiE Banner

Revolutions in Engineering- 10-21 July 2023


Autoimmune diseases are on the rise- reports a new UK population-based study of 22m individuals

saying Future-proofing UK health Research with 4 solution icons at the bottom

UK health research is at risk- according to a new report


Type 2 Diabetes patients on medications have worse outcomes from immunotherapy used for Cancer

New global research consortium established to optimise antimicrobial use

Unexplained childhood hepatitis linked to common virus

Image of the 3D modelling system used to examine the brain after injury.

Sports-related brain injuries uncover the reasons for loss of consciousness

NIHR Imperial BRC researcher awarded £3m for study into gut inflammation caused by cancer treatment

a group of people at a portrait event

The National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI) held an event to announce ten new portraits of staff and students to update the imagery across their buildings

Professor Siddiqui received £2.9m from AstraZeneca to study rare autoimmune condition

Early childhood Respiratory disease is associated with a higher risk of death in adulthood

International Women’s Day 2023: NIHR Imperial BRC’s research contribution towards women’s health

Nurse and early career researcher wins fellowship in competitive national programme

NIHR appoints new Senior Investigators, including seven Imperial BRC researchers

Cropped picture of a building- Paddington Life Sciences

Paddington Life Sciences opens a new digital collaboration space to boost health data-enabled research

a woman clutching her chest in pain

Reproductive Factors in Women could Augment Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Molly Stevens

Professor Molly Stevens has won the 2023 Novo Nordisk Prize

Showing two hands with Mpox symptoms

New use of an antiviral treatment to successfully treat severe Mpox in the UK

Wearable Full-body Motion Tracking Bodysuit Could Revolutionize the Future of Healthcare

Opening speech from Mark Thursz

Imperial Biomedical Research Centre Showcases Work to Tackle Major Health Issues

Kisspeptin hormone injection could treat low sex drive in women and men

Loyalty card data could lead to early diagnosis of ovarian cancer

Imperial Designed External Fixator Aims to Cater to the High-conflict Regions of the Low and Middle-Income Countries

Imperial Post-Doctoral, Post-CCT Research Fellowship (IPPRF)

A Pilot Study Successfully Identified Endometrial Cancer using iKnife in Less than Two Seconds

Gemma Clunie

Dr Gemma Clunie has been awarded the NIHR Development and Skills Enhancement Award

£95m to NIHR Imperial BRC will support 14 research themes

A Machine-learning Model that Predicts the Risk of COVID-19 at Individual Level

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

£95m new investment for NIHR Imperial BRC

Data can shape the future of healthcare

Poo Transplants to Fight Superbugs – NICE adopt guidelines spearheaded by NIHR Imperial BRC Researchers

Window of COVID-19 Infectiousness and Pragmatic Approach to Self-isolation

HPV vaccine may reduce risk of cervical cancer following surgery to remove precancerous cells

Changing the order of breast cancer treatments may lead to better care

Dr Claudia Fulgenzi Awarded the ILCA AC 2022 Junior Investigator Award for Best Clinical Science Oral Presentation

Pausing immune-supressing treatment can improve the efficiency of the COVID-19 booster

First patient randomised into super donor plasma trial at Charing Cross hospital

MRI Brain Scan

Single brain scan can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease

Modelling patient mortality to improve outcomes in emergency surgery

BRC researchers awarded AMS Fellowships

Kisspeptin hormone can enhance human bone activity

Miscarriage may be linked to changes in vaginal bacteria

Patients with both COVID-19 and flu are at much greater risk of severe disease and death

Patients with severe or poorly-controlled asthma are at greater risk of hospitalisation with COVID-19

COVID-19 human challenge study – first results

Staff using computer

Real-time hospital admissions data system to support future response to public health emergencies

Using data to better understand risks for heart attack patients

Prostate MRI image

Ultrasound scan can diagnose prostate cancer

Imperial College Healthcare awarded £11.3 million to expand early phase clinical research

Simple blood test could save lives of thousands of heart attack patients

Humans of health research

Portrait exhibition celebrates staff and patients in healthcare research

Staff using computer

Imperial Health Charity to help doctors utilise data for patients with ovarian cancer


New findings suggest smoking increases social isolation and loneliness

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (US)

New drug could more effectively treat patients hospitalised with Covid-19 pneumonia

Patient speaking to NHS staff

People with long Covid after hospitalisation face limited recovery after one year

Real-world data provides valuable insights into Covid-19 vaccine roll-out

Involving patients and the public in research

Professor Neena Modi appointed President of the BMA

Rehab device enables stroke survivors with arm disabilities to do more training

New bacteria test could identify risk of pre-term birth

Pictiue of a trophy

REMAP-CAP awarded Critical Care Team of the Year

PET-MR symposium

COVID-19 and cancer – changing impact of the pandemic on cancer outcomes

Professional rugby may be associated with changes in brain structure

First major study of new HIV therapy opens to recruitment

A Novel Smart Operating Room Concept: Gaze-Controlled Based Robotic Scrub Nurse

First lockdown reduced attendance in emergency departments

Brain responses uncover secret to bariatric surgery success

Research in Focus: Responding to Covid-19 through research

How Imperial’s clinical researchers rose to the challenge of vaccine trials

Meet one of our Fellows – Dr Sarah Bowden

Partnering with the UK Health Data Research Alliance

New evidence for genetic susceptibility to cervical cancer

AI analytics predict COVID-19 patients’ daily trajectory in UK intensive care

Genes that make children susceptible to severe Kawasaki disease identified

Optimising commonly used cancer therapies

Academy of Medical Sciences award for BRC Theme Lead

Assessing immune response to variants with and without vaccination

BRC researcher appointed Dean of the NIHR Academy

Lupus – new insight on why inflammation continues

Magic mushroom compound performs at least as well as leading antidepressant medication in small study

Poorer outcome for UK cancer patients who contract COVID-19

Three genes associated with increased cervical cancer risk

Women in Academic Medicine Inaugural Meeting

Understanding the ‘why’ for trial participation drop out

Six Imperial researchers awarded leading health honours

COVID-19 is not associated with stillbirth or baby death

Research shows damage to the heart in some Covid-19 patients discharged from hospital

Sir Elton John and Sir Michael Caine star in video promoting COVID-19 vaccine

Cancer leading cause of death in those with diabetes

Serum keratin-18 as a biomarker to identify alcoholic hepatitis

Revolutionising healthcare practice with big data research

doctor typing on computer

Pandemic accelerated digital adoption to benefit patients and staff

Blood plasma treatment has limited effect for sickest COVID-19 patients

Potential new biomarkers for detecting risk of small-for-gestational-age births

New understanding of genetic factors of Takayasu arteritis

a person in bed with his hand on his forehead

Newly described condition causes loss of vertigo and imbalance in TBI patients

Arthritis drugs may reduce mortality and time in ICU for sickest COVID patients

Increasing your exercise benefits your gut bacteria

Experts support COVID vaccines for Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients

Viral hepatitis patient database enables health informatics research

Inflammation biomarkers identify risk of severe COVID-19 for cancer patients

UK arm of multiple myeloma drug trial lead by Imperial

Coronavirus prevalence has fallen nationally with R below 1, REACT study shows

Chancellor sees cutting-edge medical research at Imperial

Drug interactions reducing immunotherapy efficacy

North West London Clinical Research Rising Star award for Imperial Centre researcher

Arthritis drug effective in treating sickest COVID-19 patients

New drug can improve fertility in women with reproductive health problems

Patients taking statins experience similar side effects from dummy pills

A school-based cohort study of COVID-19 secondary impacts on mental health has been jointly awarded by NIHR and UKRI

Be Part Of COVID-19 Vaccine Research – UK

Why does a liquid diet help children with Crohn’s Disease?

Link between depression and bowel conditions

New head of myeloma research at Imperial – Professor Tassos Karadimitris

Non-invasive way to assess gut function

Wrinkled ‘super pea’ could be added to foods to reduce diabetes risk

Coronavirus antibody prevalence falling in England, REACT study shows

UK researchers to explore human challenge studies for COVID-19

Post-traumatic stress experienced by partners following miscarriage

Bacteria-fighting cells in the airways increase infection risk from respiratory viruses

Early treatment for leg ulcers leads to better outcomes for patients

Rapid 90-minute COVID-19 test shown to be highly accurate

teacher with school students

How do children spread coronavirus?

COVID-19 less deadly and causes milder symptoms in children

Steroid improves survival of critically-ill COVID-19 patients

New strategy to diagnose TB in children could save lives

Long delays for diagnosis of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease

Flagship Research Fellowships programme launched

Patient data used to inform management of heart attack in elderly patients

Blood clots and lung injuries found in patients who have died of COVID-19

Largest study on home coronavirus antibody testing publishes first findings

Metabolic framework to tailor nutritional interventions

Blood test could diagnose baby brain damage just hours after birth

Latest findings from coronavirus testing programme show decline of virus in June

The impact of SMS reminders and their content on cervical screening rates

Researchers explain antibody testing work to track COVID-19 infections in the UK

COVID-19 and cancer insights revealed in new European study

Patients with severe Covid-19 shown to have high levels of stress hormone

COVID-19 trial progresses with over 300 participants now screened

Ground-breaking new study into long-term health impacts of coronavirus

Improving staffing models in critical care units

Urine signatures indicate quality of individuals’ diet and suitability to body type

Declines in COVID-19 cases not due to herd immunity

Imperial launch trials of a new coronavirus vaccine

Non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 in Europe

MODY – A Genetic Form of Diabetes

Flagship pump-priming scheme launched

COVID-19-linked inflammatory condition in children is distinct from Kawasaki disease

Lab-free COVID-19 test trialled in London hospitals

MRI scan is a superior screening test for prostate cancer

London IVD Diagnostics Pathway

Clinical description and outcome of hospitalised COVID-19 patients

Europe’s largest analysis of hospitalised UK patients with COVID-19

Plasma transfusions to be tested in REMAP-CAP COVID-19 trial

Protein can identify heart patients at increased risk of death

Lab samples

Imperial will trial Oxford COVID-19 vaccine

Imperial COVID-19 vaccine team secures £22.5 million support

Government funding boosts Imperial coronavirus research

Funding secured to advance coronavirus vaccine to human trials

Online tool for training how to ventilate COVID-19 patients

Rapid lab-free COVID-19 test delivers results in just over an hour

Online Community Involvement in COVID-19 Research

The Imperial lab developing a COVID-19 vaccine

New Hepatitis C cases down by almost 70 per cent in HIV positive men

Alzheimer’s brain ‘atlas’ may help identify new treatments

Focus on COVID-19 research at Imperial

Imperial researchers secure funds to help tackle COVID-19

COVID-19 Statement from the BRC Director

Imperial women tackling COVID-19

Novel strategy to eradicate HIV infection tested in international trial

Ground-breaking research to benefit people with cystic fibrosis

Imperial Centre of Excellence in Vasculitis Research Launched

Kisspeptin hormone can enhance brain activity associated with attraction

OnTrack – Empowering stroke survivors in their own recovery

NIHR Senior Investigator awards for Imperial

Researchers showcase projects to tackle major health problems

MRI tool can diagnose difficult cases of ovarian cancer

Bioresource for Adult Infectious Diseases (BioAID)

Small rise in heart attack protein linked to increased risk of early death

Deeper understanding of irregular heartbeat may lead to more effective treatment

Wireless in-heart microcomputer launched in clinical trial

Researchers developing AI to solve healthcare challenges

Imperial team win €22.5m EU funding to develop rapid test for serious illnesses

£2.4 million awarded to investigate the leading cause of stillbirth

NIHR Imperial Research Open Day 2019

Novel biomarker and therapeutic target for inflammatory bowel disease

AI-assisted early detection of breast cancer

Navigation with enhanced surgical vision for robot-assisted operations

Digital sepsis monitoring system helps save lives and improves care

Patients at risk because NHS hospitals using different record-keeping systems

Study confirms four-virus flu shot provides effective immunity for people living with HIV

AHSC leadership programme prepares clinical professionals for hospital board

Protein tangles linked with dementia seen after single head injury

Gut damage from radiotherapy could be predicted by microbiome

Antibiotics are detrimental to cancer patients on immunotherapy

Genetics could predict heart damage from chemotherapy

Supporting academic development of healthcare professionals

New award to advance multiple myeloma research

Facilitating research commercialisation opportunities

Healthcare staff awarded fellowships to research better patient care

Imperial investigators receive international recognition for phenomics research

Microneedle biosensors accurately detect patient antibiotic levels in real-time

Epigenomic “map” helps predict nerve cells’ ability to regenerate after injury

New bacterial strain discovered linked to scarlet fever

NIHR Imperial Research Open Day – Friday 15th November 2019

Industry collaboration aims to improve prostate cancer surgery precision

The Institute of Cancer Research joins Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre

Dormant cancer cells evade hormone therapy

BRC researchers recognised in the latest round of academic promotions

White matter affects how people respond to brain stimulation therapy

ITMAT Data Science Group Workshop – September 2019

Imperial researchers reverse antibiotic resistance in MRSA in the lab

First vaccine for chlamydia shows promise in early trials

Type 2 Diabetes: can mycoprotein help to manage blood sugar levels?

How to run a co-production training course in six steps

Machine learning to model disease mechanisms and predict outcomes in cardiomyopathy

BRC ITMAT Awards 2019

Hepatitis C study participants’ experiences help shape care

Initiative to increase access to expensive hepatitis drugs in poorer countries

Healthcare professionals who stepped into research celebrate 10 years of pioneering scheme

New centre to fight drug-resistant bugs through improving use of antibiotics

Pancreatic architecture provides insights into the genetics of type 2 diabetes

International expert panel publishes consensus statement on microbiome role in cancer

Gene Therapy Consortium data presented at the European Cystic Fibrosis Conference 2019

Imperial researcher recognised in 2019 Queen’s Birthday Honours

Genetic ‘switch’ plays role in cancer invasion and drug resistance

Learning from patient experience to inform precision medicine research

Triple hormone combination could hold the key to sustainable weight loss

Benefits of adjunctive liraglutide treatment after metabolic surgery

National recognition for excellence in gastroenterology research

Heart disease deaths in the UK almost halved, but still remains top killer

NIHR 70@70 awards for Imperial nurses

Technician support for NIHR Imperial BRC researchers

Patient involvement in the NIHR Imperial BRC: Public Advisory Panel Chair

Decoy antibiotics could get around bacteria’s defences

Liver cancer research at Imperial: interview with Dr Rohini Sharma

New Imperial network will unite and nurture microbiome research

Liquid biopsy test proves more sensitive than imaging for early-stage cancer

Imperial launches world’s first Centre for Psychedelic Research

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust wins Digital Innovation Team of the Year at BMJ awards

New cases of Hepatitis C down by almost 70% in HIV+ men in London

Artificial intelligence can improve X-ray identification of pacemakers in emergencies

British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence

New NIHR collaboration to address challenges of sedentary lifestyle

First National BRC Oncology Workshop generates new collaborative research ideas

NHS staff graduate from Starting Out in Research programme

Training the next generation of convergence scientists

AI system learns to predict survival rates from the movement of your heart

Robust clinical utility of molecular phenotyping

New sensor technology can diagnose reproductive health problems in real-time

Women with benign ovarian cysts could avoid surgery

Prostate Cancer UK awards £1.3 million to Imperial researchers

Kinder vapour-based treatment for enlarged prostate

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can predict survival of ovarian cancer patients

Myeloma research boost with £10 million donation

Improving patient safety with a smartphone app

Molecular Phenomics – a powerful tool for clinical metabolic characterisation

Experts publish key recommendations to advance the fight against viral hepatitis

Cognitive-boosting electrical stimulation is influenced by brain connectivity

It takes guts to fight obesity: how hormones could hold the key to sustainable weight loss

ITMAT Call for Proposals 2019

New blood tests for TB could accelerate diagnosis and reduce costs in the NHS

Patient and Public Involvement Training Sessions

Research-informed nutritional care for cancer patients

Quicker, safer and cheaper diagnosis of colorectal cancer

MRC award to study breast cancer immune response during chemotherapy

Award to explore genetic weaknesses of prostate cancer

VOICE at Imperial to launch in 2019

BRC Imaging Theme Event

BRC Infection Theme Event

Update to kidney biopsy classification system

Vasculitis Fellows receive unique training opportunity at Imperial BRC

100,000 Genomes: a step closer to delivering genomic medicine in the NHS

Developing research careers for healthcare staff

Faecal microbiota transplantation: effective treatment of gut infections

New research centre will investigate causes of premature birth

Strengthening patient-centred research through collaboration and peer support


Brain Sciences Theme event

Takayasu arteritis research at the NIHR Imperial BRC

Award to investigate immune signalling in pregnancy

A 15-minute scan could help diagnose brain damage in newborns

New £10m centre in medical imaging and Artificial Intelligence announced

Clinical translation of endothelial colony forming cells

Genomic Medicine Symposium

“Trust me, I’m an AI doctor” – using Artificial Intelligence to prevent sepsis-related deaths

Award to develop microbiome research in liver disease

Award for robotic surgery research

Developing clinical academic leaders in nursing and allied health professions

Novel promising treatment strategy for multiple myeloma

‘Off-the-shelf’ immunotherapy for cancer

Kisspeptin hormone alters male brain networks to enhance sexual and emotional function

DnaNudge app released to help shoppers make healthy food choices

TB genetic breakthrough may help tackle drug resistance

Community health workers could help tackle NHS workload crisis

Research Training Fellowship Opportunities

NIHR funding award for stroke rehabilitation video game

NIHR Research Professorships: call now open

First patient-derived in vitro model to study proteostasis deregulation in disease

Healthcare Professional Academic Group Launch Event

An interactive PPIE workshop on kidney transplant rejection

Students recognised for their work in robot-assisted surgery

Novel pilot ideas in Surgery & Technology

NIHR infrastructure at Imperial: the Clinical Research Facility

Antibodies cut heart attack risk

PPI grant scheme launched

Radiomic classification method can help to improve treatment for lung cancer patients

Big data drug discovery approach identifies new epilepsy target

Long-term cardiovascular benefits provided by blood pressure-lowering medications and statins

Unravelling ovarian cancer genome complexity

Potent psychedelic DMT mimics near-death experience in the brain

NIHR Clinical Lecturer – Lina’s story

New industry partnership to develop gene therapy for cystic fibrosis

HEE/NIHR Fellowship awards for Imperial midwives

Brain’s pleasure response blunted in alcohol dependence

Genetic signature diagnostic test for Kawasaki Disease

Imperial researcher wins prize for non-invasive brain stimulation method

Potential screening test for pancreatic cancer

Improving results in dialysis patients through MRI scans

GripAble exhibits at Science Museum Lates event

Metabolic Medicine & Endocrinology Theme Showcase

Harnessing the complexity of immune response for cancer therapy

Pump-priming the translational pipeline: ICiC awards

Validation of the first wearable system to detect foetal movement

Big Data, AI and NHS: improving treatment and care

Microbes help early detection of liver disease

Allergic responses linked to skin cancer protection

Cardiovascular function is linked to high blood pressure in pregnancy

Financial incentives could help reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescribing

Novel treatment avenue for ovarian cancer

The pathway to personalised treatments for managing diabetes

Award for Excellence in Societal Engagement

Estimating the health and economic effects of reducing salt intake

£5m grant awarded to MedTech accelerator led by Imperial

My journey into research nursing

Chain-Florey Fellow awarded Imperial Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

The PPI Café – open for ideas

Earlier diagnosis of upper GI cancers with a breath test

ITMAT Data Science Workshop 2018

Interaction of faulty gene with alcohol may accelerate heart failure

Arterial stents mean patients are more likely to be free from angina symptoms

NIHR Imperial BRC researchers win top EU funding awards

ITMAT Funding Call 2018 – Awards

Genomic analysis provides new insights for infection transmission

Novel role for immune cells in making lupus worse

BRC Theme Lead elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Research journey of a Chain-Florey Lecturer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves stroke and dementia diagnosis in brain scans

Kidney transplant antibody-mediated rejection workshop

HIV researchers create Chelsea garden to raise awareness of disease stigma

2018 Chain-Florey Workshop

Introducing the Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Resource Hub

Patients & Public Involvement & Engagement Strategy Launched

Imperial Enterprise Week: seven inventions and the inventors behind them

Augmented reality technology enables more accurate surgery

Research career pathway for non-medical clinicians: an inside view

Monitoring instead of surgery for young women with pre-invasive cervical lesions

NIHR Biomedical Research Centre Cell and Gene Therapy Event

New class of menopause drugs reduces number and severity of hot flushes in just three days

‘Organ-on-chip’ testing of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection

Mother’s microbiome as a predictor of premature labour

NIHR Senior Investigator awards for Imperial

NIHR Career Development Fellowship award for Imperial BRC investigator

MedCity: BRC Cell & Gene Therapy Showcase

Taking advantage of new digital and AI technologies to advance healthcare

NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship awards for Imperial healthcare professionals

New imaging techniques map brain development from pregnancy

Lead nurse appointment to drive research development in Imperial nursing community

Patient and public involvement to inform priorities for funding of infection research

Partnering with Heptares to accelerate translational research in gastrointestinal disease

Fellowship study sheds light on medication adherence in kidney transplant patients

NIHR BRC Infection and AMR Theme Showcase

Imperial-developed cancer drug enters phase I clinical trial

ITMAT Call for Proposals 2018

A new hope for drug-resistant gestational trophoblastic neoplasia

NIHR Imperial BRC Genomics Facility inaugural symposium

Twin-twin transfusion syndrome: treatment with High Energy Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

AI and aeronautic models used to optimise blood flow and improve haemodialysis

Keyhole surgery for abdominal aortic aneurysm benefits patients

‘Hearable’ – developing ear sensors for monitoring heart, brain and lung functions

Nearly six percent of all cancers are linked to diabetes and high BMI

Imperial spinout GripAble™ launches to improve physical rehabilitation

Role of kisspeptin in sexual and emotional brain processing

New technology could revolutionise the detection of blood-borne infections

Nutrition and Food Network launched

Ten-time increase of worldwide childhood obesity

Reducing drug dosage in CML patients in deep remission

pet scanner

PET imaging for improving diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

Potential placebo effect of heart stents

Imperial receives approval to begin the world’s first trial of MDMA to treat alcohol addiction

Research training awards for non-medics (2017/18)

Statins and the ‘nocebo’ effect

ITMAT Funding Call 2017 – Awards

Relief from menopausal symptoms

Precision nutrition: metabolic profiling of diet and disease risk

Precision nutrition: metabolic profiling of diet and disease risk

Computational prediction of heart failure

Technician taking sample

Interview with NIHR Research Professor Waljit Dhillo


Brain sciences research @ Imperial College London

ITMAT Call for Proposals: Developing Capacity

ITMAT Call for Proposals: Push for Impact

Imperial BRC awarded £90m of funding for 2017-22

Unravelling the genetic architecture of blood cell traits

Health Research Matters: BRC Open Day 2016 PPI Panel Session

Health Research Matters: BRC Open Day 2016: PPI Round Table

Health Research Matters: BRC Open Day 2016

Antibodies as a predictor of adverse cardiovascular events

How to Catch Flu

NIHR Imperial BRC Open Day 2016

Gut microbiome approach to reduce cravings for high-calorie foods

Data Science Institute

Computational and Systems Medicine and the iKnife at Imperial

Bio-inspired neuromodulation of obesity

London Life Sciences Prospective Population Study (LOLIPOP)

Renal disorders

The use of metabolic phenotyping to add value to genomic information

Validation of the iKnife

Development of informatics workflows for enhanced biomarker information recovery in molecular pathology and diagnostics

Treatment of vasculitis

Complement diagnostics and therapy in kidney disease

Cardiomyopathy & the Digital Heart Project

The prevalence of neuroendocrine tumours

The pathology of Alzheimer’s disease

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The rapid diagnosis of Diamond-Blackfan anaemia

Novel therapeutic target for epilepsy

Reflections on Research: Experiences of Research Participation in North West London

Chemoprophylaxis for HIV

Defining the optimal therapy for primary HIV infection

A new diagnostic for detection of latent tuberculosis

Using Next-Generation Sequencing to inform and control an outbreak

Using the novel hormone kisspeptin to improve IVF treatment

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New treatments for obesity and diabetes

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ITMAT project leads to Royal College of Surgeons Fellowship

‘Hark’ clinical task management application

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i-Knife for breast cancer surgery

The Anglo-Scandinavian Cardiac Outcomes Trial and related studies

Ripple Mapping

Instantaneous Wave-free Ratio

The application of measures of minimal residual disease to chronic myeloid leukaemia

Gestational trophoblastic disease

Aromatase inhibitors in the adjuvant treatment of breast cancer and uncovering mechanisms of resistance

Prevention and treatment of progressive multiple sclerosis

Treatment of chronic sequelae of traumatic brain injury

Cooling to improve outcomes for babies after birth asphyxia

Clinical trial reveals early promise for treatment for Friedreich’s ataxia