Hepatitis C study participants’ experiences help shape care


For World Hepatitis Day (28 July), Dr Philippa Pristerà shared an open letter to the people that she met and interviewed early last year as part of her research study exploring the experiences of people living with and accessing care for hepatitis C, and their perspectives on cure. Dr Pristerà is a research associate in the Imperial Patient Experience Research Centre (PERC), School of Public Health. She also facilitates and supports public involvement in research at Imperial through PERC and the use of VOICE – a digital platform for public involvement established by Newcastle University with whom Imperial are now a partner.

In her open letter she thanked all the interviewees who gave up their time and described the insight she gained from her interviews with hepatitis C patients. She also outlined her next steps to address certain issues highlighted in the interviews. You can read Dr Pristerà’s full letter here.

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