NIHR Research Professorships: call now open


NIHR released a call for Research Professorships, which aims to fund research leaders of the future to promote effective translation of research.

Imperial College is limited to nominating 2 bids for the NIHR Research Professorships (of which at least one will be female), plus an additional nomination for a Global Health Research Professorship.

The following process has been agreed in order to manage this restriction:  


Departments are invited to submit a maximum of 2 candidates for consideration for an NIHR Research Professorship.  An additional 3rd candidate may be put forward if they are applying to the Global Health Research Professorship stream.

College Contact: Dr Kimberley Trim <>

NIHR contact:

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Click here for application form for internal selection process

For more information, including the eligibility criteria and the support offered, see here.