Mental Health Awareness Week, 15-19 May 2023

a person in bed with his hand on his forehead

For this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, 15-19 May 2023, Imperial College London is organising a full week of events, initiatives and resources devoted to its staff and students to support their health and wellbeing. Imperial’s People and Organisational Development along with colleagues, academics and researchers across the College have teamed up in the arrangement of this eventful week.

ANXIETY is the nationally chosen theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Whilst anxiety is an important human emotion, in some circumstances, it can get out of hand and become a mental health problem. Various factors can contribute to feelings of anxiety, including exams, relationships, a new job, or a big life change. It is also an emotion people frequently experience around money and the inability to meet life’s basic needs. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems people face.

Follow this link here to learn more about the events that are taking place: Mental Health Awareness Week: 15-19 May 2023 | Be inspired | Imperial College London