PET-MR symposium


Prof Eric Aboagye (BRC Imaging Theme Lead) and Prof Paul Matthews (BRC Brain Sciences Theme Lead) invite all Imperial College and ICHT staff to attend the upcoming virtual symposium on PET-MR Imaging to discuss how the College’s state of the art PET-MR scanner can be leveraged for innovative research using advanced radiochemistry and PET analytics available through our partnership with Invicro, Ltd.

29th October 2021

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The symposium will feature examples of exciting recent PET studies across organ systems and diseases to highlight and showcase new opportunities for this technology and its integrated use with MRI. Talks will focus on demonstrating the translational potential of advanced PET for answering clinically important questions and illuminate mechanisms of disease or drug action. Speakers will anticipate the emerging opportunities from the higher detection sensitivity and integration with MRI on the new platform.

This event is directed towards a general medical and biomedical research audience that might not be necessarily familiar with imaging technologies but that would be interested in exploring how their research questions could be answered with advanced PET-MR imaging.

Please register in advance – the event will take place via Zoom.

For any info about this event please contact Lina Aimola ( and Gabrielle Grey (


  • Professor Eric Aboagye
    Professor Eric Aboagye
  • Professor Paul Matthews
    Professor Paul Matthews
    Edmond and Lily Safra Chair, Head of Department