Patient Experience Research Centre (PERC) PPI Grant Scheme.

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An interactive PPIE workshop on kidney transplant rejection


In preparation for the launch of a UK multi-centre clinical trial for the treatment of antibody-mediated rejection in kidney transplantation, our BRC researchers wanted to organise a patient and public involvement and engagement workshop (PPI/E). The aims of this workshop were to disseminate knowledge of our research and to lay the foundations for a more extensive programme of involvement and engagement with patients and members of the public in our research. Dr Candice Roufosse, NIHR Imperial BRC Immunology Theme Principal Investigator and Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Centre for Inflammatory Diseases, was successful in receiving support to undertake this workshop through the NIHR Imperial BRC Patient Experience Research Centre (PERC) PPI Grant Scheme.

Dr Roufosse said “we wanted to add value to any future research projects undertaken in the context of the clinical trial, by involving patients in their development and design. We specifically wanted to learn more about patients’ experience of a transplant biopsy, as we are considering offering a post-treatment kidney transplant biopsy to monitor the effect of the transplant in the clinical trial.”

To find out exactly how Dr Roufosse used the PPI Grant scheme to support her research, the challenges and the results of the workshop, please read the PERC Blog.

The NIHR Imperial BRC Patient Experience Research Centre (PERC) has now launched its 4th PPI Grant Scheme, open until Friday 19 October 2018. The purpose of this grant scheme is to support motivated researchers and their teams to undertake meaningful and impactful public and patient involvement that will shape their research and enhance the translation of biomedical research from bench to bedside.

Guidance for the Imperial BRC PPI Grant Scheme