Diabetes technology research

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The diabetes technology research programme has progressed from benchtop to patient with BRC support. Our developmental projects for continuous glucose monitoring and insulin algorithms, initially supported by the NIHR Imperial BRC, have subsequently attracted Confidence in Concept funding and are now supported by the Wellcome Trust, NIHR i4i and EU Horizon 2020 schemes.

We are the first group in the world to design and implement an artificial intelligence closed loop hormone delivery algorithm based on physiology and have demonstrated that this can reduce the burden of hypoglycaemia in people with type 1 diabetes. Our pragmatic text message intervention reduces the progression to type 2 diabetes by over 30% in people at risk (Lancet Diab Endo 2013) and we are now implementing it in very high risk populations in the UK and internationally.

  • Professor Chris Toumazou
    Professor Chris Toumazou
    Regius Professor of Engineering, Chair in Biomedical Circuit Design
  • Professor Desmond Johnston
    Professor Desmond Johnston
    Vice Dean (Education) for the Faculty of Medicine
  • Professor Nick Oliver
    Professor Nick Oliver
    Wynn Chair in Human Metabolism - Theme Committee Member
  • Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Imperial College
  • Wellcome Trust