Digital health is defined as bringing together digital technologies with health, healthcare, living, and society to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery, making medicine more personalized and precise.

Our work in Digital Health aims to drive improvements in the quality and safety of healthcare using digital interventions and technologies. Through high quality data management, data analytics including machine learning and artificial intelligence, software development and new systems integration we incorporate digital technologies into healthcare delivery (which are accessible by both clinicians and patients). We make sure that we understand the impact of these digital interventions through conventional and novel real time digital evaluation.

Through the iCARE platform, we aim to enable the re-use of linked routinely captured healthcare data in many areas of analysis, research. We are currently supporting the roll out of digital clinical trials, observational studies, trial emulation studies, cohort studies, registries, translational analytics as well as the development of Artificial Intelligence systems, decisions support systems and machine learning algorithms.

How does our work benefit patients?

Please click here to read some of our impact case studies detailing how we are:

  • Are improving outcomes through early sepsis alerting
  • Using machine learning to analyse patient feedback and make changes to care
  • Monitoring the COVID-19 vaccination uptake across NWL to support the vaccination roll out
  • Using the results of one of our large observational studies to improve the future care of patients with heart problems
  • Understanding the number of patients who are hospitalised with COVID-19 using linked primary and secondary care data

Examples of current projects we support

Our Collaborations and Partnerships include