The NIHR Imperial BRC aims to improve personalised cancer and leukaemia care through the development of improved biomarkers for individual care and of therapies to overcome resistance to currently-used drugs. With the knowledge generated by the Centre, we are able to diagnose disease earlier and stratify patients into discrete groups for personalised treatment. Our research integrates information from the clinic with multidimensional omics techniques, as well as genetics, bioinformatics, and molecular imaging. We are developing systems approaches that underpin three main areas of work:

Complex clinical trials
Biomarker-based approaches have the potential to enable a stratified approach to therapy selection for patients with treatment-resistant disease. We test this potential via a range of complex clinical trials involving patients and clinicians. In partnership with Imperial Experimental Cancer Medicines Centre, we have set up a Circulating Biomarker Lab with a view to monitor tumour-related changes in the blood.

Living with and beyond cancer
Following successful treatment with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, or bone marrow transplant, patients may still relapse. We are developing tests that can detect traces of residual disease, as well as those that predict autoimmune disease following bone marrow transplant.

New technologies to understand resistance to therapy
Many cancers will become resistant to therapies over time. We are working to understand the mechanisms behind the development of resistance. Our aim is to design drugs that prevent resistance from arising.

We work with a number of centres of excellence across Imperial College London, including the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Imperial Centre, Imperial Experimental Cancer Medicines Centre, Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre, and Bloodwise. This has enabled us to develop a translational research infrastructure that supports new research into optimising the patient journey, stratification of patients, and dynamic monitoring, phenotyping and modelling of cancers.

Key Individuals
  • Prof Iain McNeish
    Prof Iain McNeish
    Theme Lead, Cancer
  • Professor Jane Apperley
    Professor Jane Apperley
    Chair of the Department of Haematology
  • Dr Aristeidis Chaidos
    Dr Aristeidis Chaidos
    Consultant Haematologist
  • Dr Chiara Recchi
    Dr Chiara Recchi
    Tumour Suppressor Group Lead
  • Dr Danielle Power
    Dr Danielle Power
    Consultant Clinical Oncologist
  • Dr David Eldred-Evans
    Dr David Eldred-Evans
    Clinical Research Fellow
  • Dr David Pinato
    Clinical Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology
  • Dr Dragana Milojkovic
    Dr Dragana Milojkovic
    Consultant Haematologist
  • Dr Harpreet Wasan
    Dr Harpreet Wasan
    Consultant Oncologist
  • Dr Holger Auner
    Dr Holger Auner
    Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Jamshid Khorashad
    Dr Jamshid Khorashad
  • Dr Jesus Gil
    Dr Jesus Gil
    Professor of Cell Proliferation
  • Dr Maria Kyrgiou
    Dr Maria Kyrgiou
    Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Matthew Fuchter
    Dr Matthew Fuchter
    Reader in Chemistry
  • Dr Nichola Cooper
    Dr Nichola Cooper
    Consultant Haematologist
  • Dr Niklas Feldhahn
    Dr Niklas Feldhahn
    Junior Bennett Fellow of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research
  • Dr Susan Cleator
    Dr Susan Cleator
  • Mr Erik Mayer
    Mr Erik Mayer
    Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Mr James Kinross
    Mr James Kinross
    Clinical Senior Lecturer in Colorectal Surgery
  • Prof Christina Fotopoulou
    Prof Christina Fotopoulou
    Consultant gynaecological oncologist
  • Prof Letizia Foroni
    Prof Letizia Foroni
    Professor of Haematology
  • Professor Amanda Cross
    Professor Amanda Cross
    Reader in Cancer Epidemiology
  • Professor Anastasios Karadimitris
    Professor Anastasios Karadimitris
    Professor of Haematology
  • Professor Anthony Barrett
    Professor Anthony Barrett
    Head of Synthesis
  • Professor Charles Coombes
    Professor Charles Coombes
    Professor of Medical Oncology
  • Professor David Klug
    Professor David Klug
    Chair of the Institute of Chemical Biology
  • Professor David Rueda
    Professor David Rueda
    Chair of Molecular and Cellular Medicine
  • Professor Guido Franzoso
    Professor Guido Franzoso
    Chain in Inflammation and Signal Transduction
  • Professor Hani Gabra
    Professor Hani Gabra
    Professor of Medical Oncology
  • Professor Hashim Ahmed
    Professor Hashim Ahmed
    Chair in Urology
  • Professor Justin Stebbing
    Professor Justin Stebbing
    Professor of Cancer Medicine and Oncology
  • Professor Justin Vale
    Professor Justin Vale
    Consultant Urological Surgeon
  • Professor Martyn Boutelle
    Professor Martyn Boutelle
    Professor of Biomedical Sensors Engineering
  • Professor Michael Laffan
    Professor Michael Laffan
    Professor of Haemostasis & Thrombosis
  • Professor Michael Seckl
    Professor Michael Seckl
    Professor of Molecular Cancer Medicine
  • Professor Robert Brown
    Professor Robert Brown
    Head of Division of Cancer / Chair in Translational Oncology
  • Professor Simak Ali
    Professor Simak Ali
  • Professor Yuri Korchev
    Professor Yuri Korchev
    Professor of Biophysics
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