Complete the application form

We are happy to have an informal discussion to help you complete the application form. Once completed, the form should be emailed to for review.

After triage by members of our team, the application will be reviewed by the Imperial Data Access and Prioritisation Committee, chaired by the ICHT Caldicott Guardian. The committee ensure that projects using NHS data:

  • Are in the public interest,
  • Meet all information governance and data protection requirements,
  • Have the correct ethical or other approvals – we are currently waiting HRA approval for Research database status.
  • Have appropriate clinical sponsors – the clinical sponsor is a vital role in all projects using patient data. The clinical sponsor will ensure that the data are used appropriately within clinical context, assist in ensuring that outputs of the research are relevant to clinical care and where possible used to impact or change care for the better in the future.
  • Have engaged with patients and the public – guidance on involving members of the public in your health data research project can be found here. If your project does not have a patient involvement plan please let us know as as the NIHR Imperial Patient Experience Research Centre supports Imperial BRC linked researchers and can offer advice.
  • Are academically robust in light of the data available, and are not duplication (if similar projects have been approved collaboration will be encouraged) – we have a network of NIHR Imperial BRC funded data scientists, clinicians, methodology experts and statisticians that offer advice – please contact us.
  • Are reviewed by the ICHT commercialisation group if required – any project that has commercial funding will need to be declare this from the offset.
  • Are monitored and feedback provided periodically to the committee – access to the data is conditional on keeping the committee up to date as to your work and outputs.

It is important that these points are clearly articulated in your application – please contact us if you need any assistance.

If your application is judged to be incomplete or missing information/details then we will provide feedback before it is reviewed at the Imperial Data Access and Prioritisation Committee. You may still be invited to the next stage of application on the condition that details are completed before the meeting.