The RECAP Project is a collaborative effort between the University of Oxford and Imperial College London, including the following partners:

NHS and NIHR Clinical Research Network sites
Databases and environments accessed for analysis of data
For prospective collaborators:

Thank you for considering collaborating with us. Currently, the study is being run in NHS practices in England selected on the bases of their compatible electronic health records and the possibility of obtaining linked hospital data. From those practices, de-identified data on Covid-19 patients is being included in our databased as long as both primary care providers and patients have agreed to participate.

Since this Covid-19 severity risk prediction tool has the potential to improve patient outcomes and health service management by also mitigating the use of expensive services, such as hospital and intensive care unit, we believe the benefits drawn from its implementation can be also welcome in settings with low capacity and infrastructural and human resource constraints. That is the reason why we would also like to validate it in populations and settings as diverse as possible and are actively seeking collaboration with institutions from high, middle and low-income countries to this purpose. We are aware that quality data collection and use of electronic health records may be a challenge in some settings, but would be pleased to discuss ways in which this collaboration could be carried out.

If you would like to discuss a potential collaboration for data collection and model validation, please contact us following the contact details below: Dr Ana Belen Espinosa-Gonzalez